Were to ride Mountainbike on Kullaberg?  THE RULES

  • We recommend everybody to ride Mountainbike on the east part of the cape.
  •  Respect all visitors of Kullaberg when riding! We are quick! Dog owners, walkers and horseback riders wont always see you coming. Make sure that you leave them with a smilie on their faces, thinking that we mountain bikers are the friendliest people that they ever met. 
  • No digging berms or building jumps! We all love bike parks, but we also love the natural trails of Kullaberg. Building could also cause a ban of mtb on Kullaberg, if you want to ride berms and jumps go to Vallåsen BP!

Get around: To find your way around you can draw the paths on a map, print one of these maps. But on most of the best trails there is no signs or marks on the mountain. We therefor recommend that you use a gps or the app ViewRanger.

GPS Open ViewRanger on the selected trail, click on “menu” on the right hand side. click export to .gpx and then install the .gpx in your device.

App in a smartphone Click on “open in ViewRanger” on the trail that you are interested in, download the app. No need to purchase extra maps in app. The ones supplied work just fine. Download the app and create a free account. Then install the route with or without offline maps. You kan start whereever you like and, make your way to the trail, connect with it and follow it. Enjoy the fantastic trails! The trails that are marked on Kullaberg are marked with Red on the south side of Kullaberg from Mölle to the  Lighthouse, Blue from Arild on the north side to the lighthouse. Yellow paths connect red and blue, usually in the north / south direction.

WERE TO PARK Most mountain bikers on Kullaberg park at Himmelstorp on the east cape.