Kullabergs Stigcyklister is a 340 members non-profit organization consisting of people that all share the passion of riding bikes, especially on Kullaberg.
We also put great value in making sure that mountain biking on Kullaberg is conducted in a way that does not interfere with other users of the trails or the nature it self. We continuously work with keeping the mountain clean and clearing up fallen trees and branches after storms. All profit from the member-fee is spend on cleaning up the mountain.

We hope to see you on the trails one day!

Scroll down for trail tips

Member-fee is 100kr. The money goes in to making Kullaberg better for everyone, not just cyklists.
Every year we present an award to someone who made a difference for visitors of Kullaberg.
Contact: emil (at) specialsport.se

We communicate and arrange our rides on our group FB-page! Click here >>>

Where to ride mountain bike on Kullaberg?


  • We recommend everybody to ride mountain bike on the eastern part of the peninsula.
  •  Respect all visitors at Kullaberg when riding! We are quick! Dog owners, walkers and horseback riders won’t always see you coming. Make sure that you leave them with a smile on their faces, thinking that we mountain bikers are the friendliest people that they ever met. 
  • No digging berms or building jumps! We all love bike parks, but we also love the natural trails of Kullaberg. Building could also result in mountain biking being banned on Kullaberg. If you want to ride berms and jumps, go to Vallåsen BP!


To find your way around you can draw the paths on a map, print one of these maps. But on most of the best trails there are no signs or marks on the mountain. We therefore recommend that you use a gps or the app OutdoorActive.

Click “Learn more”  on the selected trail, click on “menu” on the right hand side. Click export to .gpx and then install the .gpx in your device.


Download the app OutdoorActive and create an account. Click “Learn more” on the trail that you are interested in, then ”open in app”. No need to purchase extra maps in app. The ones supplied work just fine. Press navigate from the bottom menu. Enjoy the fantastic trails!

The trails that are marked on Kullaberg are marked with red on the south side of Kullaberg from Mölle to the lighthouse, blue on the north side from Arild to the lighthouse. Yellow paths connect red and blue, usually in the north/south direction.

Just as you enter the village of Mölle, you will see a large car park (free of charge) on the right, by the chapel. Check the map below:



See you on the trails!!! 🙂